Course curriculum

    1. Biomimicry Online Introduction

    2. A Sneak Peak of Some of the Stars

    1. Biomimicry As a Way of Being

    2. What is Involved?

    1. Planet Earth: The Setting

    2. Planet Earth: A Goldilocks Planet

    3. Spaceship Earth: Introduction

    4. Spaceship Earth: Operating Conditions

    5. Spaceship Earth: The Ingenious Crew

    6. Becoming Earth Attuned

    7. What is Required to be a Good Biomimic

    1. Essential Elements of Biomimicry

    2. Why Aren't We Fitting In?

    3. Remembering Who We Are

    4. Changing Our Perceptions

    5. Reconnecting with Self

    1. Reconnecting with Fellow Life on Earth Introduction

    2. Ways of Reconnecting: Journaling

    3. Ways of Reconnecting: Various Lenses

    4. Ways of Reconnecting: System Lenses

    5. Reconnecting via Earth's Operating Conditions

    6. Reconnecting via Stepping into Another's Shoes

    1. Learning from Life Introduction

    2. Context Recap

    3. Lessons in Resourcefulness - Part 1

    4. Lessons in Resourcefulness - Part 2

    5. Lessons in Resilience - Part 1

    6. Lessons in Resilience - Part 2

    7. Lessons in Community Living - Part 1

    8. Lessons in Community Living - Part 2

    9. Learning from Life Exercises

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  • 51 lessons
  • 14 hours of video content

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  • When can I take this course?

    This online course can be taken at your own pace and in your own environment.

  • Who is this course for?

    Anyone interested in biomimicry can make use of this fantastic course. This course is particularly ideal to complement other online biomimicry courses.